Outbound telemarketing:

more valuable appointments for your field sales team

With outbound telemarketing, you demonstrably gain more confirmed appointments for your field sales team. You're very familiar with the situation in your own sales department: your company needs to grow, and the sales department is already completely full with existing customers. This situation is familiar to many sales managers, and often there is a lack of system-managed or reliable methods or procedures to regularly approach new clients, arrange new client appointments and actively support the marketing or field sales teams. So what next? Market leaders who have been able to rely on solid growth in recent years in particular have "not learnt" to actively organise their sales and systematically acquire new clients. Generally speaking, there have always been enough enquiries via the Internet or trade fairs to guarantee healthy growth. But what happens when the enquiries slow down, the competition gains more market share, or corporate acquisitions create power shifts on the market?

Outbound telemarketing:
actively installing lead management and sales appointments with process reliability.

Outbound telemarketing: We are an experienced external service partner when it comes to the development of new sales opportunities in the B2B market sector and outbound telemarketing. We handle only B2B campaigns, and we are experts in sales communication and lead generation. This is where we offer a wide range of attractive and successful approaches for companies in the investment goods, IT solutions and services sectors. The points below provide you with a good general summary of our outbound call centre services. We'd be more than happy to tell you more in a personal meeting about the opportunities and possibilities an outbound campaign can bring for your company, and we'll offer you benchmarks as regards the results and outcomes you can expect.

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