Identify decision-makers in Companies

Determining the right decision-maker for the procurement of a new product or service is "decisive" for success.

Who does not know this: Finally one determined a person in the enterprise who listens to one and which apparently has time, but after well 10 minutes of the discussion turns out then that the interlocutor on the telephone was the trainee. The actual person in charge is sitting in a completely different building, in a different department or even in a completely different branch in a different city. So everything was in vain until then. It is therefore very important to find out as quickly as possible at the beginning of the interview whether the person in question has decision-making powers in the company - or not.

This is why our telemarketing employees always ask themselves the same question: How do I reach the actual decision-maker, the person responsible? We reach exactly the person who is located sufficiently high up in the company to make real decisions about new acquisitions or product launches.

We identify the decision-makers - for your sales force. More under Saupe Telemarketing +49 7351 18131810