Determine valuable appointments for your sales force.

Good appointments are not easy - but it is much easier to make good business out of good appointments.

Determining appointments for the sales force takes time, stamina, good nerves and a lot of good humour. Above all, the "time" factor is responsible for the fact that the acquisition of new customers and the determination of sales force appointments for potential new customers is a very tough business. Anyone who has already been involved in the acquisition of new customers will confirm this. It takes a lot of calls to first identify decision makers in companies and then to reach them at all and finally to speak. It is not uncommon for the contact person to be briefly connected or on the way to an appointment. How do I get my message across correctly? What do I say first - what do I not say at all? How do I formulate my entry into the conversation? Many questions have to be answered. In addition one comes then still that one is perhaps emotionally excited the long desired contact finally at the telephone to speak and not rarely, one deviates completely from the own discussion manual.

Professional support for more sales opportunities.

Why should one not get professional support by an external partner? As in many areas of our society based on the division of labor, there are also specialists for this area who do nothing other than determine "potentials for new business" and "call" them. With a clearly structured approach, with the appropriate company addresses, with proper IT support and with trained employees. These are solid reasons why the sales force should not always do everything itself but concentrate on what it does best: to achieve deals.

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