Successfully gaining and caring for new contacts

Efficient sales support with Saupe B2B-Telemarketing

Market situations are changing quickly and the product cycles are becoming shorter, but selling always implies giving careful advice. The more complex a product is, the more energy and time you have to invest into your sales activities. Telephone marketing is an ideal instrument for selling complex products: within a short period of time we contact thousands of potential customers, work on convincing analysis, terminate appointments and prepare the basis for your sales staff.

Concentrate on the core competencies with Saupe Telemarketing

Gaining new customers is exhausting, time consuming and sometimes frustrating. This is the reason why most sales staff do not like it. Research confirmed that only one hour per day is being invested in this tiring business. Our highly professional telemarketing employees don’t have this decision: our team will generate leads for you so that your sales staff can concentrate on the core business – the direct appointments.

Your advantages with Saupe Telemarketing:

  • Concentration on the main business
  • Outsourcing the expensive acquisition of new customers
  • Exact appointments, optimizing your sales staff activities
  • Quick, efficient generation of attractive leads
  • Flexibility
  • Your contacts are from the relevant management level
  • Ideal for non-intuitive products and services
  • Ideal for difficult target groups. Experienced call agents, sure in the interaction with decision makers, supported by a systematic dialogue process.

Clients, projects, references for the sales support from Saupe Telemarketing:

  • Megamat Intralogistik
  • Addison Software und Service GmbH
  • KaVo Dental Technik GmbH