Human Resources

Organizations are defined by the knowledge and skills of their employees. Bring the right people into your company with Saupe Telemarketing.

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The knowledge of motivated employees helps to achieve results and secure the future – unmotivated employees can be an extreme risk for your companies’ success.

Your employees have the direct contact to your customers and therefore they have to trustworthy represent the companies’ values. Saupe Communication is working for example with management consultants and supports them in defining strategies, developing talents and finding people who will effectively work for your organization. These consultants and Saupe Communication support YOU. By conducting customer satisfaction surveys, arranging appointments for your sales teams and individualized service packages our customers can concentrate on their main business.

Saupe Telemarketing services for consultants and service providers:

  • Appointments for your sales team
  • Generating new leads
  • Customer satisfactions surveys
  • Qualifying address data
  • Re-activating C-customers
  • Regaining customers
  • Individually developed service packages

A huge SAP service provider and global market leader for software, solutions and services within the business process management helps other companies to optimize their investments in strategically business and technology initiatives. The main focus lies on the business fields of consumer goods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paper, metal, retail and textile.

The company’s main target was:

  • Opportunities for supply chain management
  • changing old systems

Saupe Telemarketing services:

  • generating new leads
  • increasing profitability
  • identifying potentials
  • scheduling appointments
  • lead management
  • scheduling appointments with decision takers
  • individualized call-mail-call campaigns

Your advantage with Saupe Telemarketing:

  • Efficient sales approach
  • Direct and personal approach of your target group
  • We identify relevant additional data such as number of employees, revenue, specializations…
  • Increased response of direct mailings
  • Motivated sales team thanks to qualified address data