New client canvassing for companies:

how to reach valuable sales contacts.

New client canvassing is one of the most important activities for an active field sales service. Finding new companies and bringing them on board as clients is virtually the number one priority for every company - and one of the most important activities alongside customer service. When it comes to incorporating new client canvassing into everyday activities, there are often a few obstacles in the way. The practical challenges include: too little time during day-to-day business, not having the right addresses of the companies and target clients you want to reach, no systematic and regular procedures to follow, inadequate strike rates - to name just a few of the key issues. In brief, there are lots of reasons every week why companies neglect contacting new clients. We'll explain to you the measures that need to be taken within the company and in its sales department in order to fill your sales funnel with new, valuable contacts.

How we support your sales department: new client canvassing - how to fill your sales funnel.

Establishing new clients and customer relationships is generally associated with a lot of work: it starts, quite rightly, with finding and identifying the right clients, determining the decision makers, making initial contacts, determining the need for investment and so much more. The entire new client canvassing process can be broken down into individual steps and viewed from a systematic perspective. If you analyse this process, it quickly becomes clear that individual elements or phases in the new client canvassing process do not necessarily need to be taken care of by the sales staff themselves. We know very well how this can be done and what factors lead to success.

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