Product trade & Telemarketing

Create your own and broader scope how to action in the market with Saupe Telemarketing

You offer your services in a big and anonymous market: products which can be used isolated and which are not very specific. Technologies or certain technical qualities are the big “plus” of your products.

Distinguishing features of the product business

Product business means that pre-fabricated or mass fabricated services or products are offered on a broad market and clients use them quite isolated so that no customer relationship is built. There is no customer specification which means that the product business is less complex than the investment goods industry or system business. But additional services such as advice, training, finance and solutions are becoming more important for interface problems so that we realize a transformation from the traditional product business to the system business.

When profit margins are getting smaller it is high time to become more active! Mass production has various advantages. But the profit margins are getting smaller and the effect of cutting fix costs can have a partly negative effect through market changes. “Saupe Telemarketing shows you where and how to gain margins because additional services such as advice, training, finance and solutions on interfaces are getting more and more important in the product business field”, says Michael Saupe from Saupe Telemarketing.

Saupe Telemarketing is your direct connection to the market We help you being listed and we make a research how the market is developing and which additional services may be successful. We help you to be a pacemaker in the competition!

How Saupe Telemarketing can help you to grow:

  • telephone actions to validate addresses in medium-sized businesses
  • preparation of mailing campaigns
  • Carrying out or accompanying mailing campaigns for medium-sized businesses
  • Telephone follow-ups after your campaigns
  • Personal invitations to presentations or events
  • Qualifications after the event
  • Lead winning
  • Acquisition of potentials for test installations or test set ups

Clients, projects, references for the product business of Saupe Telemarketing

  • indunorm –movement technique
  • Hauri
  • Hevert pharmaceuticals