Select company addresses correctly

Select company addresses correctly: The basis for successful outbound campaigns and lead generation

The basis for success in telemarketing is up-to-date and good addresses. One of the most important basics - besides trained and experienced employees - are good company addresses. But what exactly does that mean? What is meant by "good addresses"? On the one hand, good company or business addresses are characterised by the fact that they are up-to-date. The data records have been checked and are no longer than 1-2 years old. This means that above all the telephone numbers are up-to-date and the company name is correct. Due to the ever faster becoming changes in the economy it happens that some industries experience approx. 3-5 % change rate per year. Companies are bought and sold - in and separated. Names, company names and telephone numbers often change. Right industry - right target group - right sales area?

The next decisive point for the evaluation of really "good" company addresses is the correct affiliation to the targeted industry. Beside the correct, thus really looked for industry further factors are crucial: Does the enterprise address with the enterprises behind it correspond to the correct and looked for enterprise size? And if so, does the company headquarters fit into the sales area intended for the sales force?

Which factors are important in the selection and selection of company addresses?


The most important factors for the selection of the suitable and really suitable enterprise addresses for the execution of Telemarketing campaigns are as follows: Company size, company location (postcode area, geographical reference) and the correct industry. Once these factors have been clarified, the only thing that matters is that the addresses are up-to-date and not outdated. Saupe Telemarketing has a large number of companies addresses for carrying out successful telemarketing campaigns. In the event that the company already has a base of addresses (e.g. from previous marketing campaigns or trade fairs), these addresses can be qualified and meaningfully supplemented or extended by "new" addresses. Therefore, we recommend: Select company addresses correctly - as a basis for successful outbound campaigns and lead generation.

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