Investment goods industry

You want it: the big order. Saupe Telemarketing brings you into the discussion

Offers in the investment goods industry are highly individualized. Complex projects are offered where the sales process comes before the production. The decision whether to buy or not to buy is based on a specific project and at a specific point of time. Here, Saupe Telemarketing is very efficient!

Elaborating functional offers within the investment goods industry and presenting them successfully. “The sales cycles in the investment business are quite long and you have to have the whip hand.” Says Michael Saupe from Saupe Telemarketing. Individually produced services will be transformed into functional sets of offers by the customers. Saupe Telemarketing helps you to get in contact with the decision makers and to present yourself effectively: regularly, with a high degree of individuality, quality and seriousness.

How Saupe Telemarketing helps you to increase your investment business:

  • telephone actions to validate addresses in medium-sized businesses
  • preparation of mailing campaigns
  • Carrying out or accompanying mailing campaigns for medium-sized businesses
  • Telephone calls after your campaigns
  • Personal invitations to presentations or events
  • Qualifications after the event
  • Lead winning
  • Acquisition of potentials for test installations or test set ups

Clients, projects, references for the investment goods industry of Saupe Telemarketing:

  • Elektromatic Speidel GmbH
  • Handtmann Maschinenbau