Prepare telemarketing campaign: SetUp, training and more.

The right preparation for a successful campaign includes your sales force.

The right preparation for a successful telemarketing campaign includes above all your sales force, your sales force and the sales management. Because telemarketing can only be successful in close cooperation and coordination with the sales department. There are many critical voices on this topic - we are happy to report on our experiences and show you how other companies in your industry do it and what you can do to make a campaign successful.

Successful campaigns only come into being if both sides coordinate and prepare well.

Both sides must work together to the best of their ability. Telemarketing and field sales should get to know each other and coordinate their efforts. Because telemarketing makes the appointments especially for the sales force. If the sales force is not convinced, the whole campaign is useless. Not only the telemarketing company has to prepare itself as a contractor intensively and well, but also the client, i.e. the company which commissions the telemarketing services. Sales and telemarketing must be closely interlinked - this is the most important basis for joint success.

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