Michael Saupe: Establishing values with an effective customer relations marketing

With Saupe Telemarketing you invest into the future, not only in new contacts

Very fast you can call thousands of addresses and schedule thousands of appointments. At first sight this seems to be very tempting but this is not what Saupe Telemarketing will do for you. “Our philosophy is to generate promising leads”, says Michael Saupe.

Saupe Telemarketing is preparing the basis for tomorrow’s markets The aim and our philosophy are to establish long-lasting and successful relations as an asset and to develop them further. We want to lay the foundation for future development and success. This is our main goal.

Customer relations marketing is essential even for the B2B business We are specialized in including complicated issues into the whole process. Even in the possibly “impersonal” B2B business the customer relation network plays an important role. We are not one of the classical call centers; Saupe Telemarketing is a component within the closed relationship management system and therefore the beginning of a continuous and successful development for both sides.

Susanne Saupe from Saupe Telemarketing describes: Active telemarketing means to assemble customer data and information, to centralize information, to show potentials for new customers – for a continuous, foresighted and thus successful working on the market. The consulters of Saupe Telemarketing are part of the whole process: We are your partner for direct marketing, acquisition and consulting when you wish to gain customers effectively and long-lastingly.

How Saupe Telemarketing helps you to elaborate added value:

  • we are concentrating on the B2B contacts in order to offer you the highest possible quality
  • we are only working with qualified associates (recruitment conditions, employment tests)
  • we take our time for each telephone call – there is no limited time frame, no routine and not a simple working of check lists
  • we have long years of experience in sales of dense technical products and services
  • your customers experience on the phone a convincing and appealing company culture
  • experiences will be evaluated quickly and applied in new approaches
  • it is very important for us that our employees have a sense of responsibility and a professional appearance

Work environment at Saupe Telemarketing

  • our associates work for a longer time period for the same customer
  • small telemarketing teams allow space for creativity
  • talking time on the phone is of maximum 4 hours a day and maximum 3-4 days a week for each agent
  • there are no open-plan offices with telephone boxes
  • training and personal development are important for us

Clients never purchase a product or service only, but always a benefit.. More about Saupe Telemarketing's philosopy..

Cooperating with Saupe Telemarketing and our sister companies offers you a consequent realization of your strategies in media, brochures, catalogues, announcements, internet, trade fairs and events.