Send appointment confirmation.

Saupe Telemarketing sends the appointment confirmation directly to the smartphone or the mail account of the sales person with all important key points to the new contact.

Immediately after the conversation we had with your potential new customer, we will send you the corresponding contact. The appointment confirmation contains everything you need for the appointment, such as the current contact data, the challenges the company is currently facing in certain areas and, if available, the competitive product currently in use. Or there is still no solution for a certain topic which has become more and more urgent in the recent past and should be solved for the future.

When does new investment have to be made? When will the old contracts with the current solution expire? When will there be changes or new challenges in the company?

Those who ask a lot of questions get a lot of answers. We at Saupe Telemarketing ask and speak for you successfully on the phone. Because with good questions you can count on good answers. This is especially true for winning new customers on the phone. Even simple alternative questions such as - "Does it suit you better on Tuesday or on Thursday" or suggestive questions such as "You want to increase the security of your IT in the future and reduce costs" already provoke certain answers. Above all, open questions such as: "What do you expect from this area in the future..." challenge the other person to think more about certain contents and to engage in a short conversation.

Further information about sending appointment confirmations directly can be requested directly at +49 7351 18970