Saupe B2B Telemarketing: Sustainable customer contacts

B2B-telemarketing is creating new possibilities on markets where success ranges are getting smaller

Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) is not the one and only factor but without it nothing would work out. Firm and long lasting relationships and important win-wins are the basis of B2B services. Saupe Telemarketing has over 20 years of experience!

Professional methods of how to re-enforce the customer relationships help you to achieve a broader scope how to action in the market.

CRM increases the possibilities to differ yourself from your competitors by achieving a broader scope of how to action in the market because relationship preferences are very effective to oppose against indifference and interchangeability!

Binding existing customers, win new customers! Yielding ROI is getting more and more difficult :Competition gets harder, markets smaller, clients more demanding! The existing customer becomes interesting again – it is common knowledge that gaining a new customer is five times more expensive and time consuming than caring for an existing customer. But in a market situation with smaller ranges it would be very dangerous not to gain new customers as you would risk a standstill and even a step backwards because you cannot avoid a natural fluctuation. Even a highly professional CRM cannot avoid a consolidation of customers, a change of the array of services or a stop of business activities.

Saupe B2B-telemarketing with Saupe Telemarketing – your advantages:

  • increase your contacts
  • significant market indications
  • increase the degree of fame
  • increase the sales possibilities

B2B telemarketing services by Saupe Telemarketing are:

  • appointments for sales and sales staff g
  • enerate and optimize your lead
  • acquisition of new clients
  • binding existing customers
  • questioning of customers

Clients, projects and references in the investment business of Saupe Telemarketing:

  • Pursonic
  • Kardex
  • Gutmann