System Business

We know the needs of your customers and help you to be on the right place at the right time. Saupe Telemarketing for the system business

Every manufacturer of capital equipments has to take the decision whether to position his marketing strategy more towards the individually manufactured units or towards the integrated complex systems. The commercialization of readymade units (turn-key contracts) by one supplier or a group of suppliers offers the maximum scope.

Additional services are of interest for your customers.

Products from the system business are planned for an anonymous market or for a certain market segment. The commercialization as well as the individualized adaptation for a customer will be done afterwards. Buying processes follow each other. Analogous to the investment business, the system business commercializes complex service bunches or rather hardware-software combinations. But in the system business the services are made for primarily for an anonymous market. Not only the products are of interest but also dense services.

You are interested in quantity – because the profit margins in your business are very small. What counts for you is being listed with new customers. You depend on being listed as a new supplier with your whole portfolio. And with this, Saupe Telemarketing can help you. As well as with the commercialization of pre and after sales service. Saupe Telemarketing is working together with you on the evaluation of your strong points and to present them successfully to your customers.

How Saupe Telemarketing helps you to grow in the system business and how you can detect new possibilities:

  • telephone actions to validate addresses in medium-sized businesses
  • preparation of mailing campaigns
  • Carrying out or accompanying mailing campaigns for medium-sized businesses
  • Telephone calls after your campaigns
  • Personal invitations to presentations or events
  • Qualifications after the event
  • Winning leads
  • Acquisition of potentials for test installations or test set ups

Clients, projects, references for the system business of Saupe Telemarketing:

  • Markem-Imaje GmbH
  • LICON – Lindenmaier Machine Tools
  • Pfeifer rope and lifting techniques