Identify Budget:

What is the use of the best sales appointment if the customer has no budget?

What is the point of the best sales appointment if the customer has no budget? In case of doubt, first of all nothing but work and no turnover and thus no commission for the sales representative. With a lot of commitment, you have managed to get an appointment with the decision maker at your new desired customer in March. After a complex and extensive presentation, the potential new customer is enthusiastic. Now he informs you that he unfortunately has no more budget for the current year. A frustrating situation already because the field representative did not only invest a lot of time and perhaps made a longer journey, but perhaps also other dates therefore could not notice. Therefore, it is always important to ask the question about the "budget" in time.

The M-A-N method helps here.

The employees of Saupe Telemarketing work according to the M-A-N method. M-A-N stands thereby for M = means, A = authority, and N = use acceptance. Because if these 3 criteria were determined in the discussion as positive, actually only the price can oppose a business.

The B-A-N-T method helps still further.

In the BANT method, in addition to "B" = Budget and "A" = Authority, "N" = Need and "T" = Timeline is determined. If the timeline is known (sales cycle or sales plan to completion), then a first success estimate or a corresponding sales plan can already be created in which the bid sum together with the completion rate make a certain future revenue predictable (as an estimate).

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