Customer orientated marketing

Customer management means to identify customer needs

People like buying if they are aware of the product or service. This is our starting point: The question is not “What do I want to sell?” but “What does my customer want to buy?” How can I find out the needs and desires of my customers and how can I fulfill them? These questions can only be answered within a dialogue. We don’t need a scientific thesis but a direct and pesonal communication.

Saupe Telemarketing helps you to understand your customers. We are listening and questioning so you can offer your clients what they need. We also accompany our clients and are looking together for solutions.

We are giving confidence
In order to establish new sales potentials you have to know the behavior of your customers and you have to submit the relevant offers. To initiate a basis of confidence is the main target for Saupe Telemarketing. The customer is a human being who has to take decisions for complex products and services. Whoever is taking a decision does it from the heart based on a feeling of confidence to the supplier or the product.

Real orientation on the customer means to ask, to observe and to react. The interest in the customer should not be limited to profit making; attention should be paid to the customer’s challenges, strategies, organizations and processes.

Customers, projects and references for customer management with Saupe Telemarketing:

  • Pursonic
  • AKAD private academy
  • Kardex GmbH