Component supply industry

The merciless cutthroat competition causes small and tiny success ranges. Stagnating prices, dropping profits: you only can survive in these surroundings if you concentrate on your core competencies. Saupe Telemarketing elaborates possibilities for new clients in the component supply business.

New strategies of how to communicate with your customers create chances The aim is to optimize the added value within the whole process. New strategies are requested which help to cope with the challenges of the future. Saupe Telemarketing helps you in many ways to be unique among the crowd, to position yourself effectively and to realize competition advantages.

How Saupe Telemarketing helps you to increase your growth as a component supplier:

  • telephone actions to validate addresses in medium-sized businesses
  • preparation of mailing campaigns
  • Carrying out or accompanying mailing campaigns for medium-sized businesses
  • Telephone calls after your campaigns
  • Personal invitations to presentations or events
  • Qualifications after the event
  • Lead winning
  • Acquisition of potentials for test installations or test set ups

Clients, projects, references for the component supply business of Saupe Telemarketing:

  • Angell Demmel Europe GmbH